The Republic of Ireland does not have an officially accepted national motto. Several popular Gaelic phrases are, however, mistakenly used as the national motto of Ireland. The phrase most commonly misused as the national... More »

The offical motto of France is "Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité," which means "liberty, equality, brotherhood." This motto has a long tradition in France, as it was already in use before the First Republic of France was est... More »

Historically, the national motto of the South American country of Venezuela is "Dios y Federacion." The English translation of the phrase is "God and Federation." More »

Santa Claus is called "San Nioclás" or "Daidi na Nollag" in Ireland. The first name means "Saint Nicholas," and the latter translates literally as "Daddy Christmas" or "Father Christmas" in traditional Irish. More »

The traditional clothing culture in Ireland includes linen driving caps, Aran sweaters and tweed jackets. Traditional clothes in Ireland are well-made and have even translated into the modern clothing culture. More »

In Ireland, people tend to dress modestly, often wearing wool or tweed garments. Raincoats are necessities, as is clothing for cold weather. In addition, people in Ireland tend to wear boots, walking shoes and other sens... More »

Ireland gained independence from England on December 6, 1921. That day signifies a 5-year struggle to gain independence from the British Empire. More »