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But the numerous recalculations did not agree with 50 cents. It agreed with being on par with the American dollar 1-to-1. One to one at the onset – at the announcement of their new exchange rate. Later they will float the Iraqi dinar in order to increase its international value. That’s where we come in IMO.


3-21-2020 Newshound Guru chattels I had always hoped that Iraq could realize an increase in the value of the dinar by stability, security and sound economic development. Iraq in and of itself has no chance in the near term. Some global realignment may be our only hope for gain in the foreseeable future.


At some point, the new Iraqi government will likely create a new dinar (without Saddam's picture on it) and allow old ones to be converted, but a war rarely helps the exchange rate. Hurry and sell ...


2:30 Iraqi dinar value 10,000 IQD 2:55 Iraqi dinar revaluation 25,000 IQD 4:07 Iraqi dinar exchange rate 5,000 IQD 4:42 Lower Denomination Notes 5:44 Adam Montana 3 zero comment 6:20 Okie Oil Man three zeros 6:40 Iraqi Dinar Re denomination 7:30 American Contractor 7:55 Buy Iraqi Dinar – How to make purchases in Iraq 9:00 Iraqi Dinar Exchange ...


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Welcome to the Iraqi Dinar exchange rate & live currency converter page. The Iraqi Dinar (IQD) exchange rates represented on this page are live, updated every minute within the forex market's ...


There is a scam going on, has been for a while, where people claim the Iraqi Dinar (and/or Vietnamese Dong) will undergo a re-evaluation, an event that will somehow increase value hundreds to thousands of times the original value. Google it, you'll find blogs and sites and random people claiming it'll happen "any day now" over the last few years.


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You might try selling them on Ebay. The going rate for a million dinars depending on the denomination is roughly $880 to $1100. The smaller the denomination the higher the cost. Cheapest are the 25,000 notes. The official Iraq Central Bank rate is 1475 = $1.00. Therefore 1 million iraq dinars cost about $678.


Secondly if Iraq tries to deny the value of the Iraqi currency held by foreigners; People will see this as dishonest and will deter them from pursuing business deals with iraq altogether; which is the opposite of what Iraq is trying to accomplish. It is worth mentioning also that the iraqi dinar is not the only currency which will be revaluated.