IR emitter cables are wired transmitters that broadcast infrared (IR) signals and commands from a remote to an external audio or video device. These cables can be used to control a stereo system's volume remotely or to s... More » Technology Audio Equipment

Ferrite cores, also called beads or chokes, are used around the cables in audio or video equipment to shield them from electromagnetic interference. Simple cylindrical components, ferrite cores prevent interference both ... More » Technology Audio Equipment

An IR extender is a cable that allows a remote control to communicate with a cable box or other audiovisual devices. A consumer is able to turn on the cable box and change channels with the remote without using the cable... More » Home & Garden Home Maintenance Electrical

An IR blaster is a component that transmits infrared rays to communicate with televisions, DVD players, stereos and cable boxes. Mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, use IR blasters to function like tradition... More » Technology Television & Video

Generally, transmitters for wireless speakers are set up by connecting audio output terminals on televisions or other devices to the input terminals of a transmitter using certain cables, explains Howe... More » Technology Audio Equipment

A radio frequency modulator is a device that allows consumers to connect external devices to radios and televisions, adding an audio or video signal to a carrier wave, transmitting the audio, or displaying the picture in... More » Technology Audio Equipment

A citizens band linear amplifier is used to boost the power of the signal produced by a CB base station's transmitters. A boosted transmission can reach increasingly distant receivers. More » Technology Audio Equipment