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yes the cable Im using is compatible with the ipod shuffle. I bought it at the store and showed them my ipod shuffle and i left it more then 2hrs charging and nothing i think that the battery is probably dead and is not gonna come back to life.


With that not fixing the iPod Shuffle, I figured that the device was bricked. The iPod had no signs of activity, and even when connected to the dock and plugged-in to a USB power outlet adapter, the iPod Shuffle simply would not blink any activity lights.


Charging. If your iPod shuffle won't turn on or respond, the battery is most likely dead. Connecting the iPod Shuffle to a high-powered USB port on your computer starts the charging process.


Plug your 4th Gen Shuffle into a high-power USB port (preferable the stock wall charger). Wait until the red light goes on and than off. Unplug. Repeat continuously until the light doesn't go off, which means the Shuffle starts charging. It took me about 15 minutes, however it may take longer depending on how low the battery charge is.


Charge the Battery. Disconnect the iPod Shuffle from your computer if it's plugged in. Turn it on and look at its status light. You see a green light when the battery is full, an orange light when the charge is low and a red light when the battery is about to run out.


Put on your headphones and plug them into your iPod shuffle. Disconnect your iPod shuffle from any USB cables. Quickly turn your device off and back on. Through your headphones, you'll hear VoiceOver announce the approximate battery charge.


Sometimes, when the iPod shuffle's battery is completely dead, the battery indicator light may not come on immediately after connecting it to a computer for charging. If this is the case, plug the iPod into the computer via the USB connection cable that came with the device; let the iPod charge for several minutes.


USB keyboards and non-powered USB hubs, such as those found on monitors, generally do not have USB ports with sufficient charging power. If you connect to a low or non-powered port, your iPod shuffle will not charge. USB ports in a computer, or powered USB hub, generally have sufficient power to charge your iPod shuffle.


*FINALLY SOLVED* iPod Touch wont charge!!!please help ... thing i got at the Apple storewhen i got my iPod Touch. i saw it wasnt charging so i thought it was the charger so i plugged my iPod into my laptop but nothing happened. my iPod died after i plugged it into my iPod so i knew it wasnt charging. i tried all 4 USB ports on my laptop and all ...


If your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch won't charge. If your battery won't charge or charges slowly or if you see an alert message, learn what to do. ... Plug your charging cable into a USB 2.0 or 3.0 port on a computer that's on and not in sleep mode. Don’t use the USB ports on your keyboard.