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Putting a video on an iPod Nano requires users to have access to their iTunes accounts on their computers. You may download a video in iTunes, then sync it to your iPod Nano to watch.


Common problems with the iPod Nano include failure to turn on and off, production of distorted audio and display of the "Use iTunes to restore" message. Other problems include appearance of the folder icon during startup and failure of the iPod to boot past the Apple logo.


The process for resetting an iPod Nano varies depending upon the version of the Nano being reset. To reset the most current iPod Nano (7th generation) as of 2014, press and hold the Sleep/Wake button and the Home button at the same time. This should take less than one minute to complete.


The stereo speaker system IS208B by iLive, the Streamline armband by Griffin, the Action Jacket case by DLO and the leather folio by Belkin are highly rated accessorizes for the iPod Nano. These accessories have received positive feedback from Amazon customers and are available for purchase on Amazo


To find user guides for various Apple iPhone models, access the iPhone Manuals section on Apple.com, and select the desired user guide. Open the user guide as a PDF file, a Web page or a downloadable Apple iBook by clicking on the appropriate link below the selected user guide.


Nano-silver is silver that has been prepared in such a way that it forms numerous microscopic particles. It is identical to a substance called colloidal silver, in which the tiny nano-scale silver particles are suspended in a liquid to form a solution called a colloid.


As of 2014, Nano Pets can be purchased at online retailers such as eBay, Amazon or Tamenagerie. Tamenagerie sells items in their original packages and does not accept returns nor provides refunds. Nano Pets are difficult to find online, and the quantity and styles sold at Tamenagerie are limited.


The user manual for the latest version of the iPod Touch includes information regarding the accessories, status icons and the functions of buttons on the device, as of 2015. It also provides information about the basic use, including app management and transferring files via iTunes, as well as custo


An iPod is an Apple product developed in 2001 as a portable music player using music downloaded from iTunes, Apple's music downloading platform. It features a sleek design with a wheel-like interface allowing users to access their library of music, podcasts, audiobooks or any other digitally stored


The best way to transfer a user guide to your Kindle is to download it first to a computer and then transfer it to your device with a USB cable. Alternately, email a user guide to your Kindle using its built-in send-to email address. You can also download the user guide specific to your Kindle for f