Browse and download free iPhone apps through iTunes on a computer or the App Store on any iPhone, iPad or iPod. A wide variety of free apps are available, and users can download programs directly to the device of their c... More » Technology Mobile

The Amazon store app is optimized for the iPhone 5, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+. Using iPhones that are unable to run iOS 7.0 or later causes problems when trying to use the app. More » Technology Mobile

To restore the App Store icon on an iPhone, access the Content Restrictions section in the Settings, slide the option next to App Store to On, or disable the restrictions altogether. If the App Store is not present on th... More » Technology Mobile

Updating an app on an iPhone involves launching the iTunes App Store and then updating the app via iTunes. Creators and developers of iPhone apps release updates for their apps to fix bugs and to improve the performance ... More » Technology Mobile

There used to be a Belkin Connect app for the iPhone, but it was removed from the iTunes App Store in October 2014. When trying to download it now, users receive get a message stating Item Not Available. More » Technology Mobile

To connect your iPhone to a computer, open iTunes on the computer, and connect the iPhone to the computer via the USB cable that came with the iPhone. On the iTunes window, click the name of your iPhone under Devices to ... More » Technology Mobile

To put an iPhone into Device Firmware Update mode, begin by opening iTunes on your computer and plugging the iPhone in. Hold the Home and Sleep/Wake buttons down at the same time for 10 seconds. Release only the Sleep/Wa... More » Technology Mobile