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Puronics® manufactures water conditioners, water softeners and other water treatment systems that improve the quality of your water. Our industry-leading technology provides our water systems with the most innovative ways to give you the best water possible. Our products provide you with the highest level of water treatment in running a household.


185 GPM IONICS REVERSE OSMOSIS SYSTEMS. Quantity: 3. 8″ dia X 20′ membranes 30″ Fulflo cartridge filters Location: Western USA. Condition: Good Used. Manufacturer: Ionics. Subcategories: Water Treatment Plants. Add to quote. SKU: L01171 Categories: Plants, Water Treatment. Description Description. 8″ dia X 20 ft long membranes in 9 X 5 ...


United Electric Controls Company Fine Control in Water/Waste Water Applications Water treatment systems require constant vigilance. From filter maintenance and pump control to submersible pressure monitoring, in these harsh environments you need solutions that are corrosion resistant, rugged and compact.


This is a high level overview of water softeners. Before I purchased this one, I knew hardly anything about them. The info on the web seemed geared toward pe...


Ionics IQ Series Water Treatment System I have an Ionics IQ Series Bacteriostatic water treatment system that did not come with an owner's manual. I want to adjust the settings so that my water is NOT so soft, but I can't figure out the dials or how to adjust them.


Welcome to Principal Water Filtration, LLC, Authorized Dealer of Puronics® water treatment (Jacksonville FL) and filtration systems. If you are looking to improve the quality of your water, we can help. Don’t just tolerate your water problems – solve them! Take advantage of our free water test and free estimate to get you started.


TS0703 – IONICS MICROFILTRATION SYSTEM Ionics Microfiltration System with two (2) 40 HP pumps. No control panel. Contact Us >> 5 GPM POLYPROPYLENE TREATMENT SYSTEM Used 5 GPM Polypropyl…


With top of the line products and experienced water specialists, we make it our top priority to give you soft and safe water at affordable prices. 1-800-928-3707 512-392-7899


Water Treatment Systems - Better Water, Healthier Life! ... Our company is authorized by Ionics water systems. Our factory trained, certified technicians analyze your water with a portable lab system in your home. Life Time Solutions is the number one choice for consumer households, restaurants, hotels, and commercial businesses. ...


If you are looking for water purification services, Great Southern has a variety of solutions to fit your needs and budget. We have been bringing great water to Florida families like yours for over 30 years. Call us today for your free in-home water analysis. (407) 830-0107.