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In a complete ionic equation, the chemist recognizes compounds that ionize in solution as ions and includes them in the written equation. Spectator ions are included in this equation, unlike the net ionic equation where the scientist eliminates them as they remain in the same form on both sides of t


An ionic bond forms between two ions of opposite charges. In ionic bonding, electrons transfer from one atom to another. The elements take on either a negative or positive charge.


One example of an ionic bond is table salt, which is the compound sodium chloride. Some other examples of ionic bonds include iron oxide (rust), calcium chloride (rock salt), sodium fluoride (toothpaste fluoride) and sodium hydroxide (lye).


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Ionic bonds have high boiling and melting points. A lot of energy is needed to overcome the attraction between the negative and positive ions in ionic compounds.


A net ionic equation is an ionic equation where the spectator ions have been eliminated. In chemistry, a chemical equation is a symbolic representation of a chemical reaction.


Ionic bonds hold atoms together using the electrostatic charge between their positive and negative ions. These ions are formed when electrons are transferred between atoms, the net loss or gain determining if the ion is positive, called a cation, or negative, an anion.


An ionic footbath is a holistic detoxifying treatment that is popular in alternative health spas and clinics. The treatment claims to eliminate toxins and rebalance the body's pH level.


Ionic compounds are composed of ions in a hard yet brittle crystalline solid form. They have high melting and boiling points and they conduct electricity when melted to liquid-form. Most are soluble in water. Most ionic compounds, however, are not soluble in non-polar solvents such as diethyl ether


The ionic foot cleanse is a body detoxifying method used to optimize the pH balance within the human body. Toxins that build up within the body are commonly responsible for disrupting the internal pH balance, which can leave people vulnerable to many different ailments and diseases.