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If you're not absolutely sure your drinking water is safe, you may be able to purify it using a heat source and simple household bleach. Boiling and disinfecting water can kill biological contaminants and prevent illness. However, this process does not remove chemical contaminants, so if you suspect


The first large-scale water purification plant was created in 1804 in Scotland by John Gibb, a bleachery owner in Paisley. This water filter was the first documented example to have used sand filters as a water purification method.


H2O Concepts water purification systems work by concentrating the company's proprietary technology, called Amp Force, on the bicarbonate crystals of magnesium and calcium and using energy to change these crystals from an insoluble to a soluble form. This solves the hard water problem without the use


Emergency water purification uses one-eighth of a teaspoon of bleach for every gallon of water. Allow water purified with bleach to stand for 30 minutes prior to use.


Purification by sublimation is a chemical process used to separate nonvolatile impurities from volatile compounds. The process of sublimation involves heating an organic compound so that it goes from a solid phase to a gaseous or vapor state without going through the liquid phase, states the Univers


Miracle Mineral Supplement, or MMS, water purification drops do not work, according to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Despite their frequent marketing as water purification products, these products do not purify water in any traditional sense. In fact, because of the active chemical in these


Ionic compounds dissolve in water because the hydrogen and oxygen atoms in the H2O molecules have partial charges that attract the ions in the solid compound, causing it to dissociate into separated ions. Differences in electronegativity account for the partial positive charge carried by water's hyd


Buy MMS water purification drops directly from the company, MMS Drops, via the Internet. MMS stands for Miracle Mineral Supplement.


The ionic foot cleanse is a body detoxifying method used to optimize the pH balance within the human body. Toxins that build up within the body are commonly responsible for disrupting the internal pH balance, which can leave people vulnerable to many different ailments and diseases.


Most ionic compounds are soluble in water because the electrostatic forces of the polar water molecules are stronger than the electrostatic forces keeping the ions together. There are several exceptions, however, where the electrostatic forces between the ions in an ionic compound are strong enough