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The formula for a carbonate ion is CO3(2-) according to Los Angeles City College. This ion is a strong base, so it attracts protons in aqueous solutions.


The formula for an oxide ion is O2-, which shows that it is an anion. An oxide is a compound formed by the combination of oxygen and another element. Oxygen can form many different oxide compounds with both metals and nonmetals.


The formula for the sulfate ion is SO42-. The polyatomic ion is also just referred to as sulfate or sulphate.


The formula for the iodide ion is written as an I followed by the superscript -1. Iodine has several possible oxidation states of 7, 5, 1 and -1. However, the iodide ion indicates the -1 charge.


The sulfide ion formula is S2-. The sulfide ion is an additive with a molar mass of 32.065 g mol-1. Molar mass is necessary for completing calculations when using sulfide in chemistry experiments.


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The chemical formula for a phosphate ion is [PO4]3-. The formula indicates that one ion of phosphate contains one atom of phosphorus, represented by the P and four atoms of oxygen, symbolized by O4. The superscript 3- indicates that the ion carries a charge of -3.


The formula for nitride ion is N3?. The term nitride ion refers to any chemical compound containing nitrogen ions that have a negative-three oxidation state.


The formula for compounds containing polyatomic ions depends on the particular compound in question. There is no one standard formula for all compounds, although there is a standardized method for writing such formulas.


Ions are formed when an atom loses or gains its electrons and protons. An ion is different than a neutral atom because a neutral atom has an equal number of protons and neutrons within it.