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The chemical formula is a way to represent any chemical substance using the symbol of the elements present in it. Below we have given a list of the chemical compound formulas along with the compound name, molecular weight, and molecular formula.

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Use the Ion Formula Chart to look up the ion formulas. 5. Put the cards for the two combining substances together on a flat surface adding additional cards of the same ion until the heights of the cation and anion column are equal. For example, every aluminum cation needs three chloride anions (see Figure 1).


Common Polyatomic Ions Name(s) Formula Name(s) Formula ammonium NH4 + acetate CH3COO-C2H3O2-bromate BrO3-carbonate CO3 2-chlorate ClO3-chlorite ClO2-chromate CrO4 2-cyanide CN-dichromate Cr2O7 2-hydrogen carbonate bicarbonate HCO3-hydrogen sulfate bisulfate HSO4-hydrogen phosphate biphosphate HPO4 2-hydroxide OH-

www.cgc.edu/Academics/LearningCenter/Science/Documents/Polyatomic ions.pdf

Other polyatomic ions: There are a few polyatomic anions that don't fit into any of the previous categories and have been given "common" names. It's best to try to commit these ions to memory!


Names, Formulae and Charges for Some of the Common Ions. Cations. Generally monatomic and most are metals 1+ 2+ 3+ {Alkili metals form 1+ cations}


Common Anions Table and Formulas List An anion is an ion that has a negative charge . Share Flipboard Email ... When the cation and/or the anion is a polyatomic ion, parentheses may be used to group the atoms in the ion together to write the formula. For example, the salt ammonium sulfate consists of the cation NH 4 + and the sulfate anion SO 4 2-.


The Ion Names, Formulas and Charges Chart for chemistry classrooms comprehensively lists the names and formulas of cations and anions, allowing students to quickly determine formulas for various combinations of cations and anions.


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