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Essential Tremor is a nerve disorder characterized by uncontrollable shaking, or "tremors," in different parts and on different sides of the body. Areas affected often include the hands, arms ...


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An involuntary head movement occurs when a person’s head moves in an uncontrollable and unintended way. These types of involuntary head movements can be anything from fast, shaking tics to longer tremors. Know what causes involuntary head movement, its symptoms, treatment and diagnosis.


Nodding syndrome, also referred to as nodding disease, is characterized by a nodding behavior of the head that is accompanied by convulsions, staring spells, or other manifestations of seizures. The condition mainly affects children aged 5-15 years and has been reported in Africa, specifically in South Sudan, Northern Uganda, and southern Tanzania.


Essential tremor is a neurological (nervous system) disorder characterised by the involuntary shaking or trembling of particular parts of the body, usually the head and hands. The tremors typically worsen when the hands are being used (kinetic tremor), and reduce significantly or stop altogether ...


Out of these various types of AIMs, there are a few which lead to the involuntary head movements in both children and adults. In these movement disorders, there are often jerks seen in the neck, jaw or the eye region of the face and head, which is involuntary and cannot be controlled. There can be various causes of movement disorders.


I am a 40 year old female. I take 60 mg Cymbalta daily, along with Alegra and multi vit. For the last several months I have had involuntary head shaking. My family has now noticed this as well. My head will shake from side to side as if saying 'no'. It is not severe shaking, but enough for someone to notice. It


spasm [spazm] 1. a sudden involuntary contraction of a muscle or group of muscles. 2. a sudden, transitory constriction of a passage, canal, or orifice; spasms usually occur when the nerves supplying muscles are irritated, and are often accompanied by pain. A vasospasm is a rare type that occurs in a blood vessel. Spasms vary from mild twitches to ...


Involuntary continuous nodding of the head? Some old people have this - what causes it? Follow . 7 answers 7. ... adult content, spam, ... Name some beats that cause involuntary head-nodding? Reason for involuntary nodding of head? A song, regardless whether you like it or not, that makes you nod your head any time you hear it? ...


Helpful, trusted answers from doctors: Dr. Machanic on involuntary head shaking causes: Depending on your age, i would be concerned about central (brain) involvement rather than otologic (ear) disease. Inner ear disease usually causes true feeling of spinning (vertigo). Jerky uncontrolled movements is more consistent with a neurological disorder.