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An invoice is a bill a company sends to a customer that states the amount of money due for goods or services purchased. Invoices generally list the company's name, customer's name, the date, items or services purchased, and a payment due date, as of 2015.


To create an invoice, you need to include a professional header, contact information for the customer, details of the invoice and services performed. Invoices should be sent along with the work or at an agreed-upon date.


A sales invoice is a bill that lists the details of a purchase of goods or services. This commercial document is issued by a seller to a buyer, and it usually details the payment terms of the transaction.


Any company that sells to non-consumers should issue an invoice to the buyer at the time an order is placed or a purchase transaction takes place. In some cases, companies send invoices at the start, middle or end of a month instead of at the time of each purchase.


Create an invoice by writing your contact information at the top, followed by the billing date. Next, create an invoice number. Type the name of the recipient's information. Finally, input product descriptions and the amount owed.


Make an invoice in a word processing or spreadsheet program by entering your name and contact information at the top along with the name of the person or entity you are charging and an itemized list of charges beneath it. Sites such as InvoiceTo.me allow you to generate invoices online.


To create a commercial invoice, select a commercial invoice template at an online resource site such as Tidyform.com. Download the template, and customize it with company information. Commercial invoices typically consist of one page, but a three-page template is available for shipments requiring mo


You can find examples of invoice letters at Nolo.com or Writinghelp-Central.com. The type of invoice letter samples you may need depends on the type of letter written. An example of an invoice letter is the combination of an invoice for services or product written in letter form, or the letter could


Freshbooks, QuickBooks and Zoho offer online invoicing options. Invoices can be printed or sent directly to clients with this online software. As of 2015, all services offer free trial periods prior to determining the appropriate payment option.


As of December 2015, some good and free invoice software programs are InvoiceTo.me and OnlineInvoices.com. InvoiceTo.me lets users fill in the details of invoices and calculates the sales tax automatically. They can then download the invoices as PDF files.