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Term rates vary for different investments and periods, but basic term rates for U.S. Government-issued securities are available from the U.S. Department of Treasury website. These rates vary for periods ranging from one month to 30 years.


Common financial terms for new investors include net income, earnings per share and GAAP, states Investopedia. Earnings per share refers to a company’s net income minus any dividends paid, divided by the number of shares a company has outstanding.


A good investment manages risk by buying low and timing the market, states MarketWatch. A good investment is not the product, which can change with time, but the process of identifying the risk and managing it.


Before you begin investing, establish an emergency fund that can carry you through six months of unfortunate circumstances. Then begin investing by setting your investment goals, researching investments, opening a brokerage account and building a portfolio.


Direct investing occurs when people put their money directly into investments rather than utilizing intermediaries such as stockbrokers, thus reducing the fees usually associated with these transactions, notes About.com. People may engage in direct investing in products...


Investment websites help individuals buy, sell, trade, manage, research and analyze investment opportunities, such as stocks, bonds, mutual funds, futures and insurance. The American Association of Individual Investors lists top websites for online trading of assets. Ma...


Tips for finding good long-term investments include selling the losers and riding the winners, not chasing hot tips and resisting the attraction of penny stocks, according to Investopedia. Long-term investors stay with a consistent strategy and focus on the future.