Karl Benz, a German inventor, is credited with inventing the first commercially-available, gasoline-powered automobile in 1885. It consisted of a tubular steel frame with an electric coil ignition, differential rear-end ... More »

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The invention of the automobile provided a means of easy transportation to much farther distances than were previously possible. It was purchased primarily by the rich until improvements in production allowed it to becom... More »

Factory-installed electric turn signals first appeared on the 1939 Buick and were called the Flash-Way Directional turn signals. The turn signals were marketed as a safety feature and indicated the turning direction usin... More »

It is unclear who is the inventor of sausage, although there is archaeological evidence of its use dating back to 50,000 BC. Humans made the first sausages by stuffing meat from animals they had killed into the emptied a... More »

The inventor of the first pinhole camera, also referred to as Camera Obscura, was known as Alhazen. He was a great authority on optics during the Middle Ages and was able to accurately explain why images in a pinhole cam... More »

German scientist Werner von Siemens is considered the inventor of the electric locomotive. Siemens first introduced his invention at a Berlin trade fair in 1879. More »

There is no clear inventor of the viola, but it is documented in images and text around the same time as the violin came to be in the early 1500s. The viola and violin are similar in many ways, but the viola is larger an... More »