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A fire-rated wall is a feature of a building’s passive fire protection system that has been checked and certified by the proper regulatory agency. There are two basic types of fire-rated walls: true firewalls and fire barrier walls. The first is a structurally stable wall that also is certified to p


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How to keep safe when wildfires are imminent. Install up to date smoke alarms, to protect your home and family. Prepare for (and prevent) a woodland fire. Get your family ready. Smoke detector beeping means you should check for repairs. Smoke damage restoration is a necessary task. Rest easy at nigh


Fire Doors 101: Your Guide to Testing and Certification View our Webinar. Warnock Hersey Mark ... The Intertek Solution: Ensuring your products are tested, certified, and labeled according to regulatory requirements is vital to the success of your business. Working with Intertek aligns you with a partner with the history, expertise, and ...


Nearly 80% of North America's wood fire-rated doors bear the WH Mark. Intertek’s Warnock Hersey Mark has long been a marquee mark in building product industry and in 2013, Intertek introduced the next evolution of the Warnock Hersey mark. The new mark combined the storied ETL Mark with the traditional Warnock Hersey (WH) Mark.


Intertek is the industry leader with over 46,000 people in 1,000 locations in over 100 countries. ... Have your metal or wood-based fire door tested from 20 minutes to 3 hours with the industry’s lab of choice for fire door testing. Locks and Access Control Equipment Testing Meet all the testing and certification requirements including fire ...


Intertek’s Warnock Hersey Mark has long been one of the industry’s most recognizable marks and is found on a variety of products including fire doors and frames. This mark is widely recognized throughout the industry, appearing on fire doors and frames found in North America and beyond.


IQP members can also apply a program-specific label to the fire or egress rated assembly to identify that the inspection was conducted by an Intertek Qualified Personnel. (This label does not indicate re-certification of the fire and/or egress door only that it was subject to inspection by an IQP.) Download the Fact Sheet