Topmarks offers a wide variety of data handling games for children on its website, including "Alien Snail Racing," "Interpreting Data" and "Carroll Diagrams." Other games on the website are "Grapher" and "Probability Pon... More » Technology Software

Typical math problems for fourth graders include problems that challenge students’ knowledge in data management and probability, number concepts, patterns and algebra, and geometry and measurement. For example, a data ma... More » Math Arithmetic

The two major types of statistics are descriptive statistics and inferential statistics. Each of these statistical segments serves specific purposes, and they are used to accomplish different objectives. More » offers free title searches and property data, as long as a user sets up a free account with the website. OnlineSearches also offers free searching of public records by ZIP, city or state, but some gover... More » Technology Software

Microsoft Word is bundled in many computers and is also available for download and purchase through Microsoft's website or through a variety of retailers and wholesalers when purchasing the program CDs. Some versions of ... More » Technology Software

The Music Graphics Galore website offers free clipart images of music notes in a variety of colors and sizes. The site also has a wide selection of other free music-related clipart, graphics and backgrounds. More » Technology Software

The list of educational games for kids that ABCya makes and hosts on its website include letter games such as “Avian Alphabet” and “Letter Blocks,” number games such as “2048” and “Drop Sum,” and holiday-themed games suc... More » Technology Software