Your computer’s control panel allows you to check and adjust your firewall settings. Adjusting your firewall settings is crucial to prevent malicious software or hackers from gaining access to your information through yo... More »

Disable a Netgear router's firewall by logging into the router and creating new rules for the inbound and outbound services. It is generally a bad idea to change the settings. More »

To switch between open and secure NAT settings on a NETGEAR router, simply click on the ADVANCED tab in the WPS Wizard, click the setup option, and locate the WAN Setup option. The option to have open or secure filtering... More » Technology Internet & Networking

On a computer running Windows, access the control panel from the desktop by pointing your mouse at the top-right corner of the screen and dragging it down toward the center. Click on Search, type "control panel" into the... More » Technology Software

The ATI Catalyst Control Center is an application provided in the AMD Catalyst software engine that provides video customization options to adjust video performance, display settings and display profiles. The Catalyst Co... More » Technology Software

The Control Panel provides a display applet that allows users to control desktop layout settings and colors. People can also use the tool to create screen savers, wallpaper and visual effects. More » Technology Software

Catalyst Control Center is software used to change the settings of AMD graphics cards used with Intel CPUs. Computers using AMD components for both the graphics card and CPU use the AMD Vision Control Center instead. More » Technology Software