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Send Money Abroad How to Send Money Internationally. International money orders are convenient and secure ways to send money internationally. They can be purchased at any Post Office™ location in values up to $700 ($500 for El Salvador and Guyana).


A money order may be an old-fashioned way to send funds, especially given recent rapid advances in electronic payments.However, when it comes to dealing with recipients overseas, international money orders can be a convenient and fairly inexpensive payment method.


Purchase the required amount of postage to mail the money order to Canada. The U.S. Postal Service offers services such as tracking, insurance and registered mail, although you will pay additional fees. For example, if sending a money order using first class mail international, as of December 2010, you will pay $11.50 to send it as registered mail.


A postal Money Order is a certified, cashable document guaranteed by Canada Post. It is a safe way to send money (locally or internationally) through the mail. Canada Post Money Orders (direct service) are available to cash in Canada and select destinations. Depending on the destination, Customers receive a copy of the Money Order.


370 International Money Transfer Services 371 International Money Orders 371.1 Description 371.11 General. International postal money order service is available to transfer funds to individuals or firms in countries that have entered into agreements with the United States Postal Service for the exchange of postal money orders.


If you're considering travel abroad, purchasing an international money order makes sense. This secure form of payment is accepted in 30 countries across the globe. Buyers can obtain the orders in amounts up to $700 from any U.S. Postal Service, MoneyGram office or Western Union store.


Sending an International Money Order. With Xoom you can send money from your computer anytime day or night to people in 30 countries. Xoom provides a fast and secure way to send an international money order online. Xoom partners with banks and thousands of payout companies around the world.


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Changes to Canada Post Money Orders. On October 22, 2007, eleven Canadian post offices began piloting an enhanced Canada Post money order. National implementation will roll out in February 2008 in a phased approach. U.S. Post Offices ® and banks may begin receiving the new money orders before February.


The money order is prepaid by the sender at the time of purchase using cash, debit cards or traveler’s checks. As of publication, international money orders have a maximum value of $700.Exceptions to this limit are international money orders issued for use in El Salvador and Guyana, which allow a maximum money order of $500.