External memory refers to external hard drives, discs and USB thumb drives. These are all media kept externally to your PC case. More »

Several types of external storage expansion are available for Apple iPad devices. When internal storage space on an iPad runs low, one of the simplest and best supported ways to free up space is to use cloud storage serv... More »

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External nares, or nostrils, perform the basic function of being the passageway through which oxygen enters the body. Nostrils have many different parts within them that perform their own individual functions. More »

Common types of data storage include traditional magnetic hard drives or tapes, optical storage such as CDs or DVDs, flash memory storage in solid-state drives or USB drives, and cloud or networked storage that archives ... More »

External hard drives provide users with additional external storage for storing important files or backing up the data stored in the internal drive. They are connected to computers via FireWire connections, USB or wirele... More »

U3-compliant USB flash drives allow users to store data and install certain Windows applications on these drives. In 2004, two USB flash drive manufacturers, M-Systems and SanDisk, joined forces to form a company called ... More »

The fastest way to transfer large files between computers is by using physical media, such as USB flash drives or external hard drives. On average, USB flash drives can handle up to 128 gigabytes of information, while ex... More »

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