In business, internal forces for change refer to events, people and systems within a company that help or prevent it from achieving short- and long-term goals. External forces for change refer to outside influences such ... More »

The equation for net external force is the sum of all the external forces applied to the object. For example, a compilation of common external forces is friction force, normal force, air resistance, tension and applied f... More »

An external force is a force that originates from an object outside of a defined system. For example, if a system is defined as only the bob in a pendulum, both the rope and gravity exert an external force on the bob. If... More »

Examples of external noises are anything outside of a person's body that creates noise; a radio, a car, other people speaking and the hum of fluorescent lighting are all external noises. External noises are a type of dis... More »

External environments are important for businesses because external events can immediately cause companies to fail. Internal environments are important because internal strengths give companies the ability to overcome cr... More »

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Powerful people share common traits, such as being extremely focused, having a propensity to aim for lofty goals, and understanding how to use power wisely. In addition, powerful people are more likely to take risks in l... More »