An IF, or intermediate frequency, is a transitional radio frequency situated between two other frequencies. It is often created by mixing two frequencies together via a signal enhancement process called heterodyning. An ... More »

The term "hertz," in physics, defines a standard unit of frequency measurement and is equal to one cycle per second; it is abbreviated as "Hz." It was named after Heinrich Hertz (1857-1894), a German physicist who was th... More »

A power transformer is a device that consists of a coil wrapped around an electromagnet that transfers electricity from one circuit to another without changing the frequency of the electric energy. Although the frequency... More »

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The Turksat 1c frequency is one of the satellites of the Turkish communication company Turksat A.S. and the French Aerospatiale. The Turksat 1c was primarily used to provide a direct link between Turkey, Europe and Centr... More » Science Physics Electricity