Intermediate colors are made up of yellow-orange, orange-red, red-violet, blue-violet, blue-green and yellow-green. These colors are combinations of both primary and secondary colors. More »

A paint color mixing chart, also called a paint color wheel, is a circle made up of 12 sections of different colors. The chart is designed to illustrate how different colors are created. More »

An elementary color blending chart contains 12 pure colors arranged in order of how they were derived from one another. The chart is in the shape of a wheel and gives a visual guide of how to blend each color. More » Science Colors

Lavender is a light value of the tertiary color red-violet, so it is made of shades of red and blue. Specifically, lavender has more red than blue. It also includes some white to create the tint. More »

Intermediate algebra is a high school level mathematics subject meant to prepare the student for college level algebra. Some of the specific concepts taught are the quadratic formula, complex numbers, polynomials and abs... More »

Intermediate goals are benchmarks set between a starting point and an overall point of success that help make the final goal more achievable. These goals are strategic markers that indicate that a person is going in the ... More »

Intermediate sanctions are criminal punishments that are more severe than ordinary probation or suspended sentences but less severe than imprisonment. Intermediate sanctions are useful for keeping nonviolent offenders in... More »