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Kittens are the young of domestic cats; they are born with fur but have their eyes and ears closed and are helpless. Their eyes begin opening when they are about eight days old and can focus when the kitten is two to three weeks old.


Whales aren't fish, but mammals; they are warm-blooded, breathe air and nurse their babies with milk. Many species of whales grow very large; the blue whale can grow to over 90 feet long. Whales evolved from creatures that lived on land and returned to the sea millions of years ago.


An interesting fact about the number 50 is that this number is stated 154 times in the Bible. The first book of the Bible, which is Genesis, contains 50 chapters. Pentecost, also called Shavuot, is a Jewish feast day that occurs 50 days after Passover.


Mining is an important industry in the United States, directly employing about 320,000 people. Every person in the United States uses an average of approximately 40,000 pounds of new minerals annually and 37 million pounds of minerals, fuel and metals in his lifetime.


A while ago, I tried to observe people who are interesting - they are all present themselves well and able to talk within any situation. I found they have Founder of Lifehack Read full profile A while ago, I tried to observe people who are interesting – they are all present themselves well and able


Spot and avoid scams and unfair, deceptive, and fraudulent business practices with tips from the FTC, America’s consumer protection agency. consumer.ftc.gov español Monthly credit card bills can be a drag, especially when you’re feeling financially strapped. Finding ways to lower those bills — somet


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Never be boring again with this crowdsourced wisdom on becoming a more interesting person from Quora. Everyone wants to be that charming, magnetic person at the party who everyone wants to talk to. Not everyone is naturally gifted with that kind of charisma. But according to a fascinating thread on


To be truly memorable, figure out where your greatest passions and talents intersect. A recent story on Inc.com laid out Seattle-based cartoonist Jessica Hagey’s 10 characteristics of interesting people. During a presentation at the recent South by Southwest conference based on her new illustrated g


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