Asia is the largest continent in the world, composed of 50 separate countries and encompassing a total of 17,139,000 square miles. The continent is home to about 3.3 billion people, which is nearly 60 percent of the worl... More »

Australia is the largest island in the world. It is also the smallest continent in the world, covering just under 3 million square miles and supporting a population of 23 million people, 80 percent of whom live near a co... More »

The Philippines has a population of over 100 million people as of 2016, with 12.9 million of them living in the capital city of Manila, which equates to about 12 percent of the total population. The country spans 115,831... More »

Asia is the world's largest continent and is bordered to the west by Europe, the Mediterranean Sea, the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea. Asia is bordered by the Pacific Ocean to the east. The Arctic Ocean and various other... More »

Asia is the largest and most populous continent, and facts about it are innumerable. The continent makes up 8.7 percent of the world's surface area and 29.5 percent of its total land area. More »

Southern Asia is more mountainous than northern Asia; the majority of the latter is dominated by the relatively flat tundra of Russia, with only the Ural Mountains rising in the far western area of the continent. In cont... More »

The name of the continent of Asia was derived from a word in Ancient Greek and was used in Herodutus' Histories in 440 B.C. It is speculated that the name was in use long before its first appearance in text, but may have... More »