Reindeer are a domesticated variety of the caribou, a deer species native to northern North America, Europe, Asia and Greenland. The Sami people of Scandinavia and the Kola peninsula of Russia have herded reindeer and us... More »

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One of the most interesting facts about rhinoceroses is that they are descendants of some of the largest land animals to live on the planet. Prehistoric rhinos, called Indricotherium, stood over 17 feet tall at the shoul... More » Pets & Animals Mammals

Known as caribou in North America, reindeer also live in Europe, Russia and Asia. Both male reindeer, called bucks, and female reindeer, called does, have antlers. The antlers of each reindeer are unique and shed every w... More »

Dozens of species of deer exist, including moose and reindeer. Deer live in a variety of habitats, and they can run and jump at great speeds, leaping up to 30 feet in a single bound. More »

Reindeer are probably a domesticated form of caribou, says the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History. Reindeer are slightly smaller than caribou. Reindeer are shorter and stockier than caribou, and have thicker, denser c... More »

There are several working reindeer farms throughout the United States, including the Hardy's Reindeer Ranch in Rantoul, Illinois, and the Reindeer Farm in Palmer, Arkansas. Both working reindeer farms have visiting hours... More » Pets & Animals Mammals Deer