One of the most interesting facts about Mississippi is that it has more tree farms than any other state. Nearly 60 percent of Mississippi is heavily forested and more than 100 tree species can be found in the state. Miss... More »

The southeast region of the United States is unique, among other areas, in its history, being home to some of the nation's oldest communities; and in its geography, featuring the continent's longest river and largest sub... More »

One interesting fact about South Carolina is that the state was home to the first battle in the Civil War. The battle took place at Fort Sumter. More » Geography United States The South

On Dec. 28, 1846 Iowa officially became the 29th state in America. Nicknamed the Hawkeye State, Iowa's capital is Des Moines. The Iowa landscape includes forests, prairies and rivers. More » Geography United States The Midwest

There is some debate over the length of the Mississippi River, with the U.S. Geologic Survey, the Mississippi National River and Recreation Area and the EPA all placing it at different lengths between 2,300 and 2,552 mil... More » Geography

At 2,350 miles long, the Mississippi River is the third longest river in North America. It originates at Lake Itasca and deposits water into the Gulf of Mexico. The narrowest part of the Mississippi River is between 20 a... More » Geography United States The Midwest

Some interesting facts about Muskego, Wisconsin are that the city allows livestock and fowl only on land that is 2.75 acres or larger and that the city has winter parking regulations in effect from December 1 until April... More » Geography United States The Midwest