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Arthropods may not be very big, but at the species level, they vastly outnumber their vertebrate cousins. There are about five million arthropod species alive on earth today (give or take a few million), compared to about 50,000 vertebrate species.


Interesting Arthropods Facts: The exoskeletons of arthropods are jointed which makes it possible for them to move about nimbly. Centipedes are a type of arthropod known as a myriapod. Not all centipedes have 100 legs. Millipedes are also arthropods, but despite their name do not have more than 750 legs.


Arthropods come in all shapes and sizes; sadly, our knowledge about them is restricted to a few species, like spiders and scorpions. There are numerous interesting facts about arthropods, which trace their evolution from the Cambrian period to the present day, that you need to know.


Fun animal facts for kids learning about arthropods. Home. Search < BACK. New 25. Top 10 [Kidzone Animal Facts] ... Arthropods are some of the most interesting animals in the world! They fly, they creep, and they crawl. They live on land, in ponds and in the ocean. From ants to bumblebees, crabs to crayfish, spiders to centipedes -- which are ...


Facts about Arthropods 9: metamorphosis. Metamorphosis is the important life cycle in Arthropods. It is a biological transformation that the animals should pass when they want to become adult. Get facts about arachnids here. Facts about Arthropods 10: reproduction. There are various types of reproduction that Arthropods have.


Interesting Facts. Ancestral arthropods were the first land animals; The oldest arthropod known to have lived on land is the Pneumodesmus newmani. Arthropods have segmented bodies. (Made up of repeating units such as pairs of legs, claws, etc.)


An Arthropod is a segmented animal that can be characterized as having an exoskeleton. Arthropods are a group of invertebrates that form the largest Phyla of all our planets living organisms. Arthropods account for 3 out 4 species of animal known to man.


Arthropods (phylum or superphylum Arthropoda) are a large group of invertebrates, which means they do not have backbones (). Insects, spiders, crabs, shrimp, millipedes, and centipedes are all arthropods. Arthropods have jointed feet, a segmented body, and an exoskeleton, a cuticle on the outside of their body.. Arthropods have by far the greatest number of species of any animal group, at ...


Interesting Facts-Arthropods have segmented bodies.-They were the first landing animals.-They have an open circulatory system.-Living arthropods are divided into 4 subgroups.(Chelicerates, Crustacea, Hexapods, and Myriapods). -They have an exoskeleton.


Fun Facts about Insects for Kids. Insects don’t have bones or a backbone like us. They’re called invertebrates. That means they have a hard exoskeleton, or shell, on the outside of their bodies that protects them.