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Archaebacteria include many unique characteristics and traits: they comprise one kingdom of living organisms, are among the oldest life forms on earth and prefer to live in the most extreme environments on the earth to name a few. Archeaebacteria are often grouped with eubacteria, although the two a


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Archaebacteria is an interesting organism in the world. You can compare it with other forms of organisms in the world. It has an independent evolutionary history. Facts about Archaebacteria 6: the right classification of Archaebacteria. Archaebacteria is placed in a different domain. It is one of the different branches of evolutionary descent.


Interesting Archaebacteria Facts: Archaebacteria are believed to have emerged approximately 3.5 billion years ago. The Archaebacteria kingdom is divided into three different types including methanogens, halophiles, and thermophiles.


FACT: Archaebacteria cannot cook their own food since the single celled organisms are not able to use photosynthesis. This organism reproduces in an asexual way. Fun Facts. In 1978, Carl Woese discovered Archaebacteria. In 1990, he proved that Archaebacteria was a separate kingdom.