provides a free online basic integer calculator. Sooeet also offers a basic and scientific calculator. Calculator Tab offers a calculator that has a memory function and stores all previous calculations. More » Math Math Calculators

An integer is a positive or negative whole number. For example, 38, 4, 0, -12, -399 are all integers. Fractions, decimals and percents are not integers because they are not whole numbers. More »

Integers are numbers that do not have a fractional part; they include counting numbers, negative of counting numbers, and zero. A counting number, or a natural number, is a number that can be used to count. Examples of c... More » Math Arithmetic

A least common multiple calculator is a calculator that finds the lowest common integer divisible by two or more numbers, shows Calculator Soup., another website that offers a least common multiple calculator,... More » Math Math Calculators

Online Calculator is a free website that allows anyone access to a basic calculator with typical utility and an easy-to-use graphical interface, meaning that anyone with Internet access can make use of it. Most phones an... More » Math Math Calculators

In order to use an online calculator to convert square feet to linear feet, two basic measurements must be known. The first is the width in inches of the material being measured. The second is the square footage. More » features a comprehensive building calculator that estimates the cost of building a new home. The square footage of the house is only one of the factors used to estimate the cost. More » Math Math Calculators