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Oil, fur, silk, wool, rubber, glass, plastic, wood, paper, wax and ebonite are good insulators. Insulators are substances with tightly bound outer electrons and heavily resist the flow of electrons. Most nonmetals are classified as insulators.


The most accessible and affordable home insulator is rolled fiberglass, and the most effective insulator is closed cell foam, according to HGTV. Cotton batts are a comparable option.


Materials that make good insulators do not have the ability to conduct electricity, such as glass. They insulate because they do not have enough free atoms to conduct electricity.


Some examples of insulators are glass, plastic and rubber. Insulators block the flow of electricity through them due to the stability of the electrons surrounding an atom. However, the electrons in some insulators, such as glass, move more freely in extremely high temperatures and can become conduct


Insulation slows or prevents heat, sound, electricity, mechanical vibration or radiation from coming through walls. There are four types of insulation: heat insulation, sound and vibration insulation, electrical insulation, and radiation insulation.


Fiberglass, rock wool, loose fiber and reflective foam are some of the many types of insulation available. The style of the insulation, such as rolls or boards, can help determine where the insulation should be used in the home.


Home insulation is vital to saving energy, cutting costs and helping the environment. Caulking to attic insulation to finding places that need more insulation are efforts that can keep a home and wallet comfortable.


When it is time to insulate the home, start with the attic. To insulate the attic, first measure the size and spacing of the roof rafters. Consider adding batt insulation by first trimming the insulation to the measured sizes, and applying to the underside of the roof by pressing it into the cavitie


Installing heavy curtains or reflective film on windows, sealing window and door cracks, and properly sealing a chimney are good ways to insulate a house. Have a professional install attic insulation.


Air is a good insulator because its molecules are very far apart. This makes it difficult to transfer heat, according to Dr. Ken Mellendorf, a physics professor at Illinois Central College.