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Faculty With Books or Textbooks To Sell? Instructors with textbooks, faculty with books, teachers, academics, and professors with either student textbooks or faculty books may be interested in reviewing our information here. We invite faculty with books to read and to learn how to sell textbooks that they don't need any more, and to possibly ...


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Buy Instructor Edition Textbook. kinglin Registered User Posts: 2,296 Senior Member. ... if a prof actually suggests buying the instructor edition then you're safe, but if you do it and a prof sees it or hears about it and reports you to the chair, dean, or provost, you're going to have some serious difficulty getting them to believe you're an ...


AbeBooks and TextbooksRus are pleased to offer a quick and convenient textbook buyback service so you can sell textbooks after you have used them.It's easy to use: Click the button below to visit the textbook buyback site.; Enter the ISBN(s) of the textbook(s) you wish to sell.


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TextbookRecycling.com provides customers with an easy way to buy or sell textbooks and to compare prices for textbook across the web. What kind of books do you buy and sell? TextbookRecycling.com primarily buys and sells textbooks. We also buy other fiction and non-fiction titles depending on current market demand.


Textbook Media provides a low-cost digital alternative to the traditional textbook model. Instructors assigning Textbook Media course materials save their students money, while providing a choice of media version. Student options include free versions of the textbook (sponsored e-books)with ad-free upgrade options (online, PDF download and paperback).


The instructor's edition of a textbook is usually available on the publisher's website. Used copies of instructor edition textbooks are sometimes available for resale on sites like Amazon or eBay, but many instructor edition textbooks are not legally allowed to be resold.


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These textbooks are almost identical to regular student editions except that they also include extra notes and/or answers to problems. Teachers' edition textbooks are extremely useful for university and college students, people on correspondence distance-learning courses, parents who are homeschooling children, and motivated students looking to ...