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Fastest book buybacks for faculty members, professors, instructors. Highest cash offers. Get fast cash for new and used college textbooks. Free buyback boxes. Free FedEx shipping.


Textbook Buyback - Sell Textbooks ... TextbooksRus will buy back new and used college textbooks, instructors’ and teachers’ editions as well as international editions. What kind of condition can my textbooks be in? Used textbooks must be in good condition. Your textbook can contain highlighting, notes and markings.


Enter ISBNs For each book you are interested in selling, enter the 10 or 13 digit ISBN located either on the barcode on the back of the book or on the page immediately following the title page & click the PRICE MY BOOKS button.If the book is an instructor's edition or review copy, enter the student edition ISBN and choose the instructor's edition type on the drop down menu.


If a student owns a book, and it is a "complimentary copy" and then chooses to sell it to either their bookstore, or to a book buyer who recycles the textbook, then it may end up being sold at a store that sells textbooks. If they sell instructor edition textbooks, it is usually the case that the content of those books is not different than ...


Please note: we do not accept instructor edition textbooks of any kind. Be sure to pay close attention to the title and description of the item in your cart when selling, to make sure it matches up with the edition of the textbook you are selling.


Instructor Editions guarantees the BEST BUYBACK VALUE for your unwanted textbooks. Home. About Us. Books We Buy. Get a Quote. Contact Us. More. We guarantee the BEST BUYBACK VALUE for your unwanted textbooks. How It Works. Get a Quote. Books We Buy. Free Shipping. Fast Payment


The instructor's edition of a textbook is usually available on the publisher's website. Used copies of instructor edition textbooks are sometimes available for resale on sites like Amazon or eBay, but many instructor edition textbooks are not legally allowed to be resold.


Please note that we do not buy back Eastern Economy/Low Price/Indian Edition textbooks. Examples of various textbook editions: How do I sell back an edition other than a US student edition? Items are purchased based on the ISBN of the product. International, instructor's, and annotated editions have their own unique ISBN.


We can only take a maximum of 10 low value books (less than $5 in value) per order. Books that have no value but can be accepted for donation are indicated on the results page of your price quote. Do you buy old editions or books that are not textbooks? Yes. We buy many old edition books. Typically, their value will be less than the current ...


This is standard throughout the industry, as we cannot resell the book as new. If we receive an instructor's edition, it will be checked in as new. An instructor's/free edition is a book that is just like the regular (student) edition but may say "Free Copy" , "Instructor's Edition" or something similar on the cover.