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Instant-cash scams falsely promise to pay individuals upfront cash for long-term assets such as employee, military or civil-service benefits, legal judgments and insurance policies. Other types of instant-cash scams involve payday loans.


Many supermarkets now have Coinstar Exchange kiosks that can exchange gift cards for cash. Entering your ZIP code or city and state at Coinstar.com will help you find the nearest location that provides this service.


Some of the ways to obtain an instant cash loan may include borrowing from a close acquaintance, peer to peer loan services and seeking assistance from credit unions, as noted by Payday Loans U.S. It is much easier for a person with a good credit history to get approval...


Websites such as ABC Gift Cards, SaveYa and Junkcard buy unwanted gift cards at a discount. The seller receives immediate payment via PayPal, according to Junkcard's terms and conditions. Users with a PayPal debit card can withdraw cash from their account at any ATM or ...


Cash a check at a bank by endorsing the check and providing a valid photo ID. While you can cash a check at your own bank or at the bank on which the check was drawn, but you may have to pay a fee at a bank that's not your own.


People can cash a check by going to a branch location of the bank or credit union that issued the check, according to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Individuals must present proper identification to cash the check.


A check can be cashed online through check imaging, according to The Telegraph. Check imaging involves processing a digital copy of a check rather than the real physical check. This system requires customers to take a scan of their checks through their smartphones and s...