Trolling motor switches are switches used to control the operation of outboard trolling motors on fishing boats and are often designed as foot pedals to allow the fisherman to hold a fishing rod while operating the motor... More » Vehicles

To choose a battery for a trolling motor, consider the battery type and battery amperage hour rating. There are two main types of batteries for these motors, and budget is also a consideration for most buyers. More » Sports & Active Lifestyle Water Sports & Activities

Minn Kota produces several good and popular models of trolling motors, including the Endura C2 30 Freshwater Transom Mounted motor, the Endura Max 50 and the Endura C2 40. The company's transom mounted motors are conside... More » Sports & Active Lifestyle Water Sports & Activities

To fix a used electric trolling motor, first consider the type and length of wire used to connect the battery to the motor. Marine-grade wire should be used in order to prevent corrosion; the use of any other type of wir... More »

A pedal pontoon is a pontoon boat that is powered by foot pedals. A pontoon boat is a flat boat that utilizes cylindrical flotation devices called pontoons to stay afloat. Pedal pontoons do not have gas or electric engin... More » Vehicles

CSC Motorcycles in California sells products and accessories for motorcycle riding and racing, including brakes, foot pedals, electrical system components, wheels and handlebars. In addition to these items, CSC Motorcycl... More » Vehicles

Some good deep cycle trolling motor batteries include Optima Blue Top and the Interstate DCM0035, according to Fishing Tips Depot. These batteries are spill-proof and feature vibration resistance. More » Vehicles