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Microsoft Paint is a built-in feature in Windows 7 operating system. This basic computer-graphics program enables users to draw on a blank canvas, resize images or modify existing pictures with the aid of simple editing tools.


To install Windows Updates for Windows 7, click the Start button, type Update in the search menu and choose Windows Update from the results. On the left screen, choose Check for Updates. Windows may ask you to review and select important updates before choosing the Inst...


Windows 7 is a computer operating system released by Microsoft in 2009. Windows 7 was initially meant to be an improvement to the Windows Vista program that was released in 2007.


Aluminum windows can be painted, but there is some preparation required. The windows must be clean, free of stains and properly primed with a metal primer.


Windows 8.1 is worth installing to gain access to the Smart Search feature, which includes results from the Bing search engine and the files stored on the computer, and OneDrive, a built-in online storage functionality. Other benefits include desktop tweaks, including d...


Begin installing Windows 7 by checking the specs of the machine and choosing an edition. Back up data and choose an upgrade, if installing over a previous version of Windows. Make sure there is a reliable Internet connection before beginning the installation process.


Windows 7's release year was 2009, with staggered release dates for different audiences. The operating system was released less than two years after its predecessor, Windows Vista.