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Live wires carry electric current toward a device, such as a main-powered appliance, while neutral wires carry electric current away from the device to close an electric circuit. Live wires are typically blue in color, while neutral wires are usually brown.


The U.S. National Electric code and Canadian Electric Code mandates only white or grey color be used for neutral wires. The International Electrotechnical Commission and countries that abide by it, such as the United Kingdom, use blue for the wiring color code for neutr...


The function of a neutral wire is to serve as the return path for the 120 volts of alternating current supplied by a hot wire. The neutral wire connects to an earth ground.


The neutral wire in electronics is the wire in which electricity returns from the hot wire. It is also connected to the ground wire.


In the Unites States, the black wire is the live wire, while the white wire is the neutral wire and the copper or green wire is the earthed wire, which is also called the ground wire. The color coding of electric wires is unique to the U.S.


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Do electrical installations by matching the wire colors with the corresponding colors on the outlet. When attaching new wires, loosen the screws on the box, and firmly screw the wires into position. Always turn off the power from the panel box, and confirm using an appr...