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To install Microsoft Word for Windows XP, insert the Microsoft Office disc into your computer, and check the product key on the packaging box. Go to My Computer, and click the Setup.exe option to open the Setup window. From the new window, click the Install Now button, ...


People use Microsoft Word to create relatively simple documents for school projects and for work-related memos and documentation. Microsoft Word also supports images and text layout formatting that allows people to create more complex types of documents.


Microsoft Word is bundled in many computers and is also available for download and purchase through Microsoft's website or through a variety of retailers and wholesalers when purchasing the program CDs. Some versions of Microsoft Word available for download offer a free...


Microsoft does not provide a free download of its Word program but offers a free trial for both home and business use. Users can get the Word 2016 software as part of an Office 365 subscription.


Install Microsoft Word on a Mac Pro by running the installer for Office 365. A Microsoft account and an active Office 365 subscription are necessary to run Microsoft Word on a Mac Pro.


Microsoft Office with Word 2007 is not available for free. Some sites offer Office 2007 or later Office versions "free to try," meaning they can be downloaded at no cost for a 30-day trial period. At the conclusion of the 30-day trial, payment is required to continue us...


Microsoft Word offers online forms for free to people who are already Microsoft Office customers. The Microsoft Office Online website offers numerous templates to choose from. Users must have a copy of Microsoft Word to download the templates.