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The gastrocnemius muscle (plural gastrocnemii) is a superficial two-headed muscle that is in the back part of the lower leg of humans.It runs from its two heads just above the knee to the heel, a two joint muscle.The muscle is named via Latin, from Greek γαστήρ (gaster) "belly or stomach" and κνήμη (knḗmē) "leg"; meaning "stomach of leg" (referring to the bulging shap...


The muscle anatomy of the gastrocnemius lists origin, insertion, action, innervation and vascular supply. Includes agonist and antagonist for each action.


Gastrocnemius muscle or as it is commonly referred to – “stomach of the leg” is a very important muscle of the body. It is located in the lower leg’s back portion and is one of the two major muscles of the calf of the leg. Other important calf muscle lies underneath the gastrocnemius muscle, which is named the soleus muscle.


The gastrocnemius muscle crosses the knee joint, and hence is also a weak flexor of the knee. The two heads of the muscle join into a broad aponeurosis, and will unite with the tendon of the soleus muscle, and insert onto the posterior surface of the calcaneus as the calcaneal tendon.The calcaneal tendon inserts onto the middle third of the calcaneus.


The Gastrocnemius muscle forms two bellies which lie side by side and merge mid calf at the Gastrocnemius aponeurosis which eventually merge to into the Tendo Calcaneous and the two heads share the same insertion point with the tendon on the soleus.


Muscles of the Leg. STUDY. PLAY. ... Medial and lateral supracondylar ridges. What is the insertion of the gastrocnemius? Tendon expansion into middle posterior surface of calcaneus. What is the action of the gastrocnemius muscle? Plantarflexion, slight inversion of the foot, and flexion of the knee. ...


Gastrocnemius muscle origin, function & anatomy gastrocnemius (medial head). Gas'trok n 'm s m s' l). From its origin it passes start studying origin, insertion, and actions of muscles in the leg.


Insertion. The bulk of the gastrocnemius muscle from each of the heads come together and insert into the posterior surface of a broad membranous tendon. It then fuses with the soleus tendon to form the upper part of tendocalcaneus.


The gastrocnemius muscle is a muscle located on the back portion of the lower leg, being one of the two major muscles that make up the calf. The other major calf muscle, the soleus muscle, is a ...


Gastrocnemius muscle: Gastrocnemius muscle, large posterior muscle of the calf of the leg. It originates at the back of the femur (thighbone) and patella (kneecap) and, joining the soleus (another muscle of the calf), is attached to the Achilles tendon at the heel. Action of the gastrocnemius pulls the heel up and thus