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An insect is an arthropod with three pairs of legs and a body comprising three segments. Insects are the only members of the arthropod phylum with wings. The phylum Arthropoda also includes arachnids, crustaceans, centipedes and millipedes.


Insects appear on the highest levelof the food chain: they classify as primary or secondary decomposers, depending on the species, and help to break down organic material such as wood, leaves and plants. Insects consume dead and decaying matter, essentially recycling re...


What makes an insect an insect are six legs, jointed bodies and an exoskeleton. Insects are cold blooded, and lay eggs. They have no lungs but breathe through spiracles found in their sides.


Insects are classified as animals. Organisms on Earth fall into one of two categories: plants or animals. The animal kingdom is quite diverse and includes arthropods, which is a family comprised primarily of insects.


Insects eat a variety of foods that include plants, nectar, seeds and grass. Ants and cockroaches are known to feed on human food and drinks, such as soda, cookie crumbs, crackers and milk. Termites feed on wood, and mosquitoes feed on blood.


Insects belong to the largest phylum of the animal kingdom and are called arthropods. According to the Encyclopaedia Britannica, insects are members of the Arthropoda phylum and make up 84 percent of all the known animals on Earth.


Insects are highly adaptable and live in many different geographic locations, including open fields, dry deserts, icy mountains, marshes and near lakes or rivers. Most insects are land-based animals and do not spend time in water; however, there are a few insects that d...