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Inmates in federal prisons may be located for free on the Federal Bureau of Prison's website. As of 2015, users can visit Bop.gov and search under the Inmates heading. State prisons often have similar inmate locator websites, depending on the state, and are also free.


The Federal Bureau of Prisons, the Department of Corrections and many county sheriff's offices provide online inmate locators that online users can access for free. The search tool is often accessible on the official website of the respective agencies.


Information about inmates in Texas state prisons is available on the website of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, the agency responsible for managing inmates in state jails, state prisons and private correctional facilities. TDJC also oversees the supervision of offenders released from priso


To search for an inmate in a particular state, use that particular state's inmate search service, unless the inmate in question is in federal prison. For example, the state of New York lets the public search for an inmate by name, Department Identification Number or New York State Identification Num


There are several reasons why an inmate's name does not appear on the state's inmate search site. The inmate may be on parole or probation, was released earlier or is no longer in custody, or is incarcerated in another state. The inmate may also be in a federal prison.


As of 2015, the Georgia Department of Corrections includes a Find an Offender tool at DCOR.State.GA.US. To use this tool, agree to the terms of service, and search for an inmate by a Georgia Department of Corrections ID or case number.


The Tennessee Department of Corrections provides an inmate search tool for felony offenders currently or previously incarcerated inside a Tennessee state prison. The websites of many county sheriffs' offices in the state may also provide an inmate look-up tool for individuals detained in county jail


Free online inmate searches are available from several sources. VINELink, or the Victims Information and Notification Everyday network, has information for most states. The Department of Corrections in many states has an inmate search portal with varying amounts of information on offender status.


The Federal Bureau of Prisons offers an inmate locator tool on its website, as of 2015. The agency's database contains information for felons sentenced from District of Columbia courts, and inmates held under jurisdiction of the federal court system.


Prison inmate records for all 50 states are available for free on Records.com and federal inmate information is available through the Federal Bureau of Prisons inmate locator. Using Records.com provides links to each state’s department of corrections website, from which you can find a prison inmate