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Inmates in federal prisons may be located for free on the Federal Bureau of Prison's website. As of 2015, users can visit Bop.gov and search under the Inmates heading. State prisons often have similar inmate locator websites, depending on the state, and are also free.


The Federal Bureau of Prisons, the Department of Corrections and many county sheriff's offices provide online inmate locators that online users can access for free. The search tool is often accessible on the official website of the respective agencies.


To locate inmate information, conduct an online search of federal, state and local prisoner databases. You can find information about the date of incarceration, the offense the inmate was charged with and the length of the prison term. You can also find contact information for the inmate online.


Online inmate locators may require the user to provide the inmate?s name, a partial name, or the inmate?s jail or prison number. An inmate may be in a state or federal correctional institution and each correctional system maintains its own inmate locator system.


There are several reasons why an inmate's name does not appear on the state's inmate search site. The inmate may be on parole or probation, was released earlier or is no longer in custody, or is incarcerated in another state. The inmate may also be in a federal prison.


To search for an inmate in a particular state, use that particular state's inmate search service, unless the inmate in question is in federal prison. For example, the state of New York lets the public search for an inmate by name, Department Identification Number or New York State Identification Num


Free online inmate searches are available from several sources. VINELink, or the Victims Information and Notification Everyday network, has information for most states. The Department of Corrections in many states has an inmate search portal with varying amounts of information on offender status.


To look up an inmate online, use the search engine provided by Vinelink 2.0. From the official Vinelink website, click the map to pick the state to search and then click Search & Register. Enter all of the known inmate information into the appropriate boxes and click Search. Click the inmate's name


Find a federal inmate using the Federal Bureau of Prisons online inmate locator tool to search for the prisoner's name. Inmates are searchable by name or registration number and the results include age, sex, release date and location.


To locate a federal inmate who has been incarcerated after 1982, visit the Federal Bureau of Prisons' Inmate Locator. You can search for an inmate with his name or his BOP, DCDC, FBI or INS number.