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Objective jail classification is the formal process of administering facilities based upon agency resources and inmate program needs. When classification measures are applied consistently, the results will show a reduction in prison infractions resulting in a safer environment for both inmates and staff.


Maintaining a safe corrections facility requires discipline in multiple areas. Learn how to best patrol and supervise inmates from booking and admissions to their release with courses such as Classification of Inmates, Female Offenders and Related Issues, Inmate Correspondence, Patrol Procedures in Correctional Facilities, and Supervision of Inmates in Dining Areas.


CCA was the first corrections agency to achieve accreditation by the National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER), a nationally recognized authority in construction and maintenance training quality. As the accrediting body for the industry, NCCER establishes the benchmark for training and assessments.


According to Delores Stephens, Assistant Administrator for Policy Development and Training at the BOP, one of the reasons for the new classification manual was to look at the issue of over classifying inmates. She believes that there was a tendency to over classify inmates who were in prison for drug related offences because of the politics ...


Controlling contraband extends to the processing of inmate mail and rules for inmate visitation. Training on inmate manipulation and policies governing inmate and staff contact are also essential. Inmates target weak staff, staff with shaky ethics and unknowing civilians, which can lead to compromised staff who can be the source of contraband.


implemented the same classification system in each of over 18 small, medium and large jails with several more jails implementing the system in the near future. c. Inmate classification systems are not usually designed to facilitate transfer between jails.


When an inmate is taken into custody and moved to a receiving or processing center, a corrections classification officer evaluates the level of incarceration that will best accommodate that inmate ...


Prison Classification News Inmate Imprisoned for Assault, Weapons Counts on the Run Thursday, January 9, 2020 LINCOLN, Neb. (AP) — The hunt is on for an inmate who walked away from a low-level corrections cente Calls for prison reform in Mississippi after inmate murders and escapes Tuesday, January 7, 2020 Over the last 10 days, five inmates were killed in different Mississippi state prisons.


Georgia Correctional Center: Women’s Center is a medium security prison located in Jackson, Georgia. Georgia Correctional Center: Women’s Center is just one of a few large prisons in Georgia, holding up to 2487 female prisoners. The mission of the Women’s Center is to reduce recidivism and increase accountability among female offenders by using a variety […]


The Kansas Sheriff's Association, in partnership with the National Institute for Jail Operations, has continued to provide training to corrections officers in Kansas throughout this challenging year. The final session of the Kansas Jail Training Academy (KJTA) held at the Kansas Law Enforcement Training Center has SOLD OUT.