To make ink with nuts, shell walnuts and boil walnut hulls, or boil acorns. Add vinegar to the walnut solution and sifted ash to the acorn solution. Mix in plant dyes or chemicals for color. More » Hobbies & Games Crafting

Use ethyl alcohol, water and sodium hydroxide solution to make the basic solution for disappearing ink. Add thymolphthalein to the basic solution to make blue ink or phenolphthalein for red ink. This water-based ink is a... More »

While recipes vary, one common recipe for prison tattoo ink comes from boot polish, baby oil and a small amount of water. Other recipes may include pen ink, melted plastic or Styrofoam, and shampoo colored with soot. More »

Eastern gray squirrels are omnivorous and eat food such as bird eggs, insects, seeds, nuts, buds, fungi, acorns, flowers, bark and baby birds. Their front teeth never stop growing so they don’t wear out due to constant g... More »

The Cahuilla Indians ate soups of mashed acorns, breads of mashed acorns, pine nuts, grass seeds, berries, roots, cactus fruits, birds, rabbits and lizards. The Cahuilla Indians focused on gathering plant food and huntin... More »

Wild boars, also known as wild pigs, are omnivorous animals that feed on nuts, acorns, carrion, roots, small birds or mammals, eggs, grass, fruit, and mushrooms. Their diets are largely limited by what they can find in t... More »

The Hupa Indians subsisted mainly on salmon and acorns, along with greens, roots, berries and nuts. Besides fishing, the Hupa were also avid hunters, using dogs to track down deer and elk as well as smaller game like rab... More »