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ING Direct is an international brand of branchless direct banks owned by the Dutch banking giant, ING Group. ING Direct operates banks in Austria, Australia, Germany, France and Spain. These banks cater primarily to individual consumers and not business or commercial clients.


The English preposition "to" is usually translated to Spanish as "a," while the English preposition "from" is usually translated to Spanish as "de." Other translations are available depending on the context.


Voya Financial, formerly ING, offers 401k, 401a, 403b and 457 retirement plans for employees in different organization types. The company also provides the Simplified Employee Pension and SIMPLE IRA plans for owners and employees of small businesses, according to Voya Financial.


An ING Direct online savings account is an interest-earning, fee-free account with no minimum balance. In 2012, ING Direct was bought by Capital One, and in 2013, the company was rebranded as Capital One 360. The company does not have branch locations and operates online.


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To translate "that" to Spanish, it is helpful to know its part of speech, its meaning, and how it relates to the rest of the sentence. EVidaSana.com / Flickr / CC BY-SA 2.0 "That" is one of those words in English that has no straightforward answer to the question: "How do you translate that to Spani


'-Ing' Words as Nouns . It is very common to translate "-ing" sentence subjects using the Spanish infinitive (the verb form ending in -ar, -er or -ir). However, sometimes there is a separate noun, not a word that is also a verb form, that can be used as well or instead.


In Spanish there are regular and irregular verbs. According to the ending or the verb, there is a possible ending to add (replacing the endings 'ar', 'er', ir') in order to get the gerund: AR --> ando. Amar --> Amando. ER --> iendo. Comer --> Comiendo. IR --> iendo. Vivir --> Viviendo. However there are other irregular verbs where also the stem ...


In Spanish, the present progressive is used to describe an action that is the process of taking place. ... (The present participle is merely the “-ing” form of a verb.) I am studying. I am studying with María. ... To form the present participle of regular -ar verbs, add -ando to the stem of the verb. hablar: hablando (hablar – ar + ando ...


The Spanish gerunds are used much less than the "-ing" verbs of English, however. Conjugating Spanish Present Participles The Spanish present participle of regular verbs is formed by removing the -ar ending and replacing it with -ando , or by removing the -er or -ir ending and replacing it with -iendo .