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Indirect presentation is a writing technique related to characterization. Through indirect presentation, the reader learns about the character's personality through his thoughts, words and actions, and through the way other characters react to him.


One example of an indirect tax is sales tax, which is imposed entirely on the buyer rather than both on the seller and the buyer. Indirect taxes are taken from stakeholders that are generally not thought to be entirely responsible for the amount being taxed.


Indirect marketing is where there is no direct communication to consumers by companies. It is treated as the next step for establishing brand recognition and awareness.


According to an article in the Houston Chronicle, examples of indirect marketing include: coupon mailings, trade shows, public relations, blogging, participating in workshops, free e-books and posting on social media. Marty Shindler of The Shindler Perspective, Inc asserts that indirect marketing st


In indirect marketing, the customer does not receive any direct communication from the company. Indirect marketing is used when a customer is aware of a product and only needs to be reminded about the product in order to check out the company and possibly purchase the product.


Indirect contact occurs when a person comes in contact with a substance or animal rather than a human. It is one way that diseases are spread, notes Healthline.


Indirect contact includes airborne transmission, object contamination, food and water contamination and human-to-animal exchange. Examples of direct contact include human touch and spray or exchange of bodily fluids.


Direct and indirect control speak to controlling or instituting changes in people or a system, from systems of government to ecosystems. For example, governments often use methods of indirect control to manipulate the country's economic state.


Indirect advertising occurs when a business chooses to not simply promote a product, but instead work to establish a relationship with the people that read, hear and see the advertising. Indirect advertising is the opposite of direct advertising, which explicitly tells potential consumers that they


In disease transmission, direct contact requires physical contact and indirect contact can include touching surfaces, previously touched by an infected person. Direct contact can include touching, kissing and sexual contact so that the microorganisms can be physically transferred. Many organisms can