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In chemistry, an indicator is defined as a substance that undergoes distinct observable change when the conditions of its solution change. Litmus is the most commonly used indicator in the laboratory.


Chemistry is the scientific study of the composition, properties and interactions of organic and inorganic matter. Chemistry is commonly used in fields of science and medicine, according to About.com.


CO is the molecular formula for carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide is a toxic gas, and continuous exposure to high concentrations of carbon monoxide can be fatal to both humans and animals.


Chemistry is important because it explains life and industrial processes, such as cooking, medicine, cleaning and environmental issues. Knowledge of chemistry helps people to make decisions that affect their lives, such as safe use of household chemicals. Chemistry is also important because everythi


According to Anne Helmenstine, Ph.D of About: Chemistry, bases are the chemical opposite of acids. Bases react with acids to form salts and water.


Chemistry articles consist of a collection of written narratives about chemistry or chemicals. Major publications, magazines and scholarly journals publish chemistry articles with information targeted toward educators, scientists and chemists, as well as the general public.


An element in chemistry is described as the simplest form of a substance that cannot be broken down using chemical methods. Elements are composed of atoms with the same number of protons.


A closed system in chemistry refers to a type of a thermodynamic system in which mass is conserved inside the system but energy enters and leaves the system freely. When both energy and matter can be exchanged between the system and its surroundings, the system is known as an open system.


In the field of chemistry, pressure can be defined as the force that is applied per unit of area, according to KentChemistry.com. Pressure is taken into consideration when dealing with gases.


While "father of chemistry" is, of course, subjective, one individual with a claim to the title is Dimitri Mendeleev. Born in Siberia in 1834, Mendeleev devised a predictive model for chemistry known as the periodic table. This model was validated when it successfully predicted the properties of the