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Contact the Indiana Secretary of State by mail at Office of the Indiana Secretary of State, 200 W. Washington Street, Room 201, Indianapolis, IN, 46204. You can also reach the office by phone at 317-232-6531 or by email at constituent@sos.IN.gov.


The Illinois Secretary of State is the head of 20 separate departments that provide public services to citizens, including issuing driver’s licenses and registering vehicles, managing the Illinois State Library and Archives, and organizing literacy and organ donation programs. The Secretary of State


The Secretary of State for Illinois can be contacted from Illinois at 800-252-8980 or outside Illinois at 217-785-3000. E-mails can be sent using an online form after selecting from among 17 categories on the Contact Us page of the website.


The Secretary of State's e-mail address is private, but the State Department does provide an e-mail client on its website. This is accessible by scrolling down to the bottom of the State Department's home page and clicking on the Contact Us link.


As of November 2015, an easy way to contact Delbert Hosemann, the Secretary of State for the state of Mississippi, is to email him using a form on his website SOS.MS.gov. You can also contact his office via mail, telephone, fax or through his official Facebook or Twitter account.


The only animal recognized by Indiana as a state symbol is the northern cardinal. It was officially delegated as the state bird in 1933.


To find Secretary of State locations in the state of Michigan online, begin by visiting Michigan.gov/sos. Simply select the Locate Branch Offices to proceed, and allow the site to access your current location from your device to display the office nearest you.


To be elected Georgian Secretary of State, candidates must be a United States citizen for 10 years and a resident of the state of Georgia for four years proceeding the election or appointment. Candidates also must be at least 25 years old when they assume the office of the Secretary of State. The qu


Constituents can contact the secretary of state of Colorado by visiting the secretary's office located at 1700 Broadway, Suite 200 in Denver, Colorado. The office is open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday as of 2015, and there is a link on the secretary's website to request a meeting. The


The California secretary of state administers the Elections Code, with duties that include printing state ballot pamphlets; certifying and publishing election results; checking signatures on initiatives, referendums and recalls; and filing campaign disclosures and lobbyist financial reports, accordi