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Saffron, the orange-yellow color of a precious spice, stands for courage, sacrifice and renunciation. White means pure thought, peace and truth, while green symbolizes fertility, faith and the Indian culture.


An upside-down seashell, called the Shell of Saint James, is a Christian symbol that commemorates Saint James. The Hathor, which is a circle with two curved, vertical lines that resemble horns rising from its top, represents the Egyptian goddess of love, music and beauty. An upside-down triangle is


According to Native American beliefs, the bear symbolizes healing, inner strength, knowledge and the cyclical nature of life, and the turtle represents wisdom, patience, planning and an ability to change. In Native American traditions, animals serve as totems, or spirit guides, and appear regularly


Examples of Chinese symbols include foo dogs, dragons, and the yin and yang circle. Foo dogs, which are actually lions, were placed as sentries outside of the palaces and homes of the Chinese aristocracy to let visitors know they were entering a place of importance.


World religion, folk tales, and general culture have always attributed symbolic significance to certain animals. The symbolic meanings of many animals vary depending on location and culture.


Some common Christian symbols include the cross, a lamb, a fish and a dove. Although many of the symbols represent general identification as Christian, some symbols are specialized to represent different aspects of religious belief or different branches of Christianity.


Symbols are used in all branches of math to represent a formula or procedure, express a condition or to denote a constant. The four basic operations are denoted by the following symbols: “+” implies addition, “-“ implies subtraction, “x” implies multiplication, and “/” implies division. Math symbols


Common symbols found on phones include bars that show signal strength, letter and number identifiers that display network type, and Bluetooth logos that mean the device is ready to sync with external components. Symbols vary by operating system and phone type, and not all phones use the same set.


Canada's national system for hazardous material communication, the WHMIS, or Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System, was implemented to label containers of controlled products, create material safety data sheets and educate workers. The eight WHMIS symbols are circular icons with correspo


Explore sunflower meaning, including historical and cultural understanding of sunflower symbolism, from the experts at HGTV. Discover the imagery behind a familiar and beloved bloomer: the sunflower. A kitchen garden is not complete without these sunny faces bobbing above the rows. Try a dwarf varie