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Weddings in India have gone from being this austere and sacred ceremony signifying the union of two souls, to pomp and show. As the glam quotient of Indian weddings rose, the sangeet ceremony evolved into the focal point of the pre-wedding celebration.


The Sangeet. Among the many pre-wedding events that occur prior to the Hindu, Punjabi, and Gujurati wedding ceremonies, the Sangeet is where the party begins. The word Sangeet translates to ‘sung together’ from Sanskrit. ‘Gaun’, another word used to describe the event, means ‘songs’ or ‘to sing’ in Hindi.


Traditional Hindu marriage ceremonies last for almost four to five days at a stretch. Sangeet Ceremonies forms an integral part of the Indian wedding Ceremonies. In India people's wealth, status, religion and language differ. Marriage customs and ceremonies vary accordingly. Basically Sangeet Ceremonies are usually held after The Mehendi Ceremony.


Entertainment has become the soul of Indian marriages now, be it in form of feast, gala, mehndi, sangeet ceremony or reception. Sangeet and mehndi ceremonies are two both important ceremonies which are celebrated with much fun and enthusiasm.


The ceremony is performed at the bride's house few days before the wedding. In Sangeet Ceremony families from both sides meet each other and sing, dance along. This ceremony makes the family members from both the sides comfortable. Traditionally the event used to take place in only north Indian weddings.


The word “Sangeet “ means music, but when it is used as a term to describe a celebratory event during an Indian wedding it translates to Music Night or Musical party. This musical night is a ...


Sangeet ceremony ideas have typically involved Bollywood dance moves, the battle of the sexes, or battle of the bride and groom families, and some flirting. But here you will have more. Be it your wedding or that of your best friend or favourite cousin. Use these sangeet ideas to break the rules and break a leg, don’t literally though.


Indian Wedding Sangeet Ceremony is one of the most awaited pre-wedding functions as it is an event full of fun and frolic. From peppy dance performances to colorful and stylish outfits, a sangeet function is full of cheer, laughter and excitement. And the best part about these gala functions is that ...


Indian wedding celebrations include a number of pre-wedding functions such as the Sangeet party and bridal Mehendi functions, besides other serious rituals like exchanging vows and the ring ceremony. The Sangeet is one of more fun and vibrant functions of the big fat Indian wedding.


As a joint affair before the marriage ceremony, it also becomes a platform developing familiarity of the bride and groom with each others family. Though sangeet function is an important pre-wedding function of all north Indian weddings, it is most popular trend among Gujaratis and Punjabis. Among the Gujaratis Garba dance is a favored alternative.