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The 2019 Indian general election was held in seven phases from 11 April to 19 May 2019 to constitute the 17th Lok Sabha.The votes were counted and result was declared on 23 May. About 900 million people were eligible to vote and turnout was over 67 per cent – the highest ever as well as the highest participation by women voters.


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India's elections 2019 candidates' profile: The no-hopers, jokers and the officially dead . India has a rich history of no-hoper candidates, meet the latest who joined the list


India's elections are fiercely competitive, a total of 8,251 candidates were fielded from 464 parties in the last general election in 2014. In that environment, and as this election increasingly ...


Indian elections 2019: women candidates to watch out for May 21, 2019 9.10am EDT. ... Some of the most prominent women in the 2019 election are not candidates but are leading their party campaigns ...


National media coverage of Indian elections is often dominated by north Indian politics, but women candidates from south India are also worth watching. The south has higher development indicators, but this has not always led to women’s participation in politics.


Voters, candidates, and more. Spanning 29 states and seven union territories, India is readying to host a mammoth democratic event beginning tomorrow (April 11).. Voting for a new parliament will ...


Election Commission. Election Commission is a federal body, enacted under the provisions of the Constitution, responsible for monitoring and administering all the electoral processes of India. This body is responsible for ensuring elections are free and fair, without any bias. Election Commission ensures the conduct of members pre-elections, during elections and post-elections are as per the ...


Lok Sabha Election Results 2019 Get Live Updates and Watch NDTV Analysis Live. Know All About 2019 India Election Results, top candidates including Narendra Modi, Rahul Gandhi.


India Elections 2019. India is gearing towards 2019 Parliamentary Elections which will decide the fate of our country as we move forward. With BJP surging ahead and the Opposition lying in a total dis-array, the 2019 polls have gained a significant importance.